Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yes, But Is It Art?

I suppose quite a few parents have "But when I came home from work and opened the door, my children had..." stories. Thankfully, mine are not too catastrophic. But occasionally I do come home to find something a little different sitting on the end table by the front door:

When this happens, it is never in question what has transpired: Em has been on a walk somewhere and found more treasure.

And more treasure.

And more treasure.

And one of my personal favorites, here shown with a dime in order to illustrate relative size:

Now, the astute reader will be asking her/himself, "But what does she do with all her treasure?" I'm so glad you asked.

She attaches it to the wall of her bedroom:

And, if she's really lucky, and stumbles across a pile of rusty old metal out in the desert, she uses it to make a mobile:

The finished product:

(In the background is the sun-figure what was handed to me by a nice man on the streets of St. Louis one evening while I was walking to a restaurant; but that's another blog post. Maybe.)

I'm still waiting to see what these turn into:

(We had to stop the car and wait so she could go get these.)

But I do take some comfort in knowing where she will be in another 10 years: living in New York, or San Francisco, or Seattle, in a little house with an attached studio, working in -- well, some medium or another:

It brings a little tear to my eye.