Friday, May 30, 2008


OK, here's one reason it hurts in my brain:

My daughter was in a head-on collision this afternoon. She's fine, except for a large bruise on her leg where part of the dashboard hit her as the air bag deployed. (She's waiting in anticipation for it to turn purple and green and really ugly, so she can send pictures to all her friends.) Everyone else is fine too, for which we are all grateful. The head-on collision took place at about 30 mph in a cul de sac, where one of the drivers listed a bit to port, and the other drifted a bit to starboard, as they went around the curve. Bam! The cars were a mess, but since everyone walked away, well, I feel blessed.

Surprisingly, this is not why my brain hurts. Things like this are going to happen if you let your daughter ride in cars with boys, and basically, these are good kids that made a mistake. It will be a pain for the parents, the insurance companies will lose a little money, and that's about it.

No, my brain hurts because just after the accident, some guy ran out of his house and started yelling at the young drivers: "This is not a highway," he yelled, displaying the keen grasp of the obvious that is often the hallmark of the anal retentive. "You're lucky no one was hurt!" He was genuinely angry that these people smashed their cars on his watch, I guess.

Sure am glad he was there to make a bad day worse for everyone, while accomplishing exactly nothing.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hoping for the Best

The title of my blog comes from recent experiences in which my wife had to ask me if I was OK. We were sitting in church or a school assembly or something equally compelling and she noticed the obvious discomfort I was experiencing. She probably wondered if my back hurt or my legs were cramping or I had ten-inch needles run through my eyeballs; such was the look on my face. I leaned over and explained in whispered tones that it only hurt in my brain.

It's happening more frequently as I get older. Certain things just make my brain hurt, and it's getting harder to sit still when it happens. Some would argue that I'm just getting to be a cranky old fart. To these people I say, "Get your own blog."

So, here I am, hoping that if I can empty my brain on this blog occasionally, it will relieve the pressure. A man's gotta dream.