Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Honest, There's a Simple Explanation

Disclaimer:Some of the images on this post may be disturbing to some viewers.

OK, it is true that the casual visitor to our front door may encounter some bird feathers on the welcome mat. Or sometimes, something worse than feathers. Sometimes there might be some blood, or even a few spare parts.

Random Bird Parts

I know it looks like the results of ritual sacrifice, some kind of Voodoo thing. But really, there's a simple explanation.

It's a cat. Really. It likes to catch birds and eat them on the front porch. Honest. The fact that it is a three-legged black cat should not prejudice the case. No Voodoo.

The Offending Cat, Bathing After a Feast

Now it is also true that the casual observer might find in our downstairs shower a suspicious red stain, something out of Bones or NCIS. But I assure you, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Tie-dye. Really. Em tie-dyed her shoes in the shower. That's it. Nothing to see, here, people. Move along.

Although to be honest, I think just to be safe, Erynn would like to have Booth come visit our house and investigate it. Sort of check it out.

Agent Seeley Booth.

Just to be safe, you understand.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been asked to point out, relative to the last post, that Erynn did not actually mean to drool on her pants.

The management regrets any error.


We went to see STOMP tonight. Wow. I think two quotes from Erynn sum it up best:

"It was the best Monday I've ever been to."


"I drooled on my pants."

It was pretty good, all right.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not That It Matters, But. . .

I really have a deep-seated resentment about the new semester starting tomorrow.

On my way to teach Calc I